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Selfie challenge by GreenyOnly
Selfie challenge
I got tagged by AdelineChevalier  As I don't have premium membership I can only link you guys to her beautiful selfie! ;n; Selfie challenge thing

{R U L E S }

Someone will start the game. They will post the selfie, and tag at least 3 people. 
These three people will have 24 hours to post a selfie. If not, the chain "breaks" and will either start over/be passed on to someone else.
1. The person you tagged has only 24 hours to post a selfie, no more!
2. You can only delete the selfie in 48 hours!
3. You must show the person who tagged you before with the selfie they posted!

I umm... All I know have been tagged already, but....  I tag :iconhorizonallure: :iconicha-icha: :iconkei-renzo:
It's good to be home by GreenyOnly
It's good to be home
She walked into the ruin. It was as she remembered it, blue, full of patterns and it was hers. She had taken it back from another demon, showed them that even if she hadn't been home in a while, it was hers and no one elses. If felt good to be back, to walk amongst the walls she had called home for so long. It felt good to be back in Gula. She was home.
"It's good to be home..." she whispered and touched the walls before she climbed up onto the pillows and laid down. Now she needed sleep, she could clean later.

Wow, I have drawn so little for this group that I'm ashamed but now I'm finally on track. This piece needs a lot of work when it comes to anatomy but I'm learning! And it's so much fun!
Anyways, she is home and she loves it! If anyone wants to RP just send a note! ovo/

Total exp: 2520

Ila (c) me
The Goetia: Ilatriva by GreenyOnly
The Goetia: Ilatriva
22/2-14 EDIT: I got in!!! Yay! :D (late edit)
19/8-14 EDIT: Changed some information and updated her design a bit.

This is for :iconthe-goetia:

If anyone want to rp just message me in notes! RP mostly through notes and skype! OvO/

◊ Name: Ilátriva, called Ilatri or Riva. Pronounced [Ilaatriva or Ilaatri]
◊ Age: 215 
◊ Gender: Female 
◊ Height: 1m56
◊ Kingdom: Gula
◊ Element: Water
◊ Rank: Lesser
◊ Occupation: Tattoo artist and healer
◊ Abilities: 
Deep Healing: She uses water to heal her patients by cleaning the wounds, soothing the pain and “washing” away the disease and the bacteria.
Uncandid tattoos: She often uses tattoos, simple ones, on the specific areas targeted by disease or infection. The tattoos are used to bind the medicine she uses to that specific area. 
:new: Soothing song: She uses her ability to sing calming songs if her patients require it, often to make them easier for her to treat and to make them feel more at home even if they are in a lot of pain.
◊ Personality: 
Ilatri is curious and loves to try new things and might often ask a lot of questions to satisfy her need of knowledge. She can often be found near a waterfall meditating, relaxing or just enjoying a bath. 
If you walk in on her territory uninvited she will greet you with coldness unless you are her friend, then you are always welcome. She loves to talk and to be with people, especially her friends whom she cares a lot of. 
When it comes to her healing skills she loves to try new ways to heal and often try them on her patients, only if they have approved of course… She may try them anyways… 
She loves plants and is fascinated by them and would love to learn more about them as she uses a lot of herbs and plants for her medicines.
As a tattoo artist she has a few of them herself and loves to give them to clients. She takes inspiration from the demon itself, the nature and music when giving someone a tattoo.
She tends to be more passive than aggressive when it comes to fighting, though if any of her friends or family is threatened she won’t hesitate in attacking.
If you get on her bad side you will most likely stay there.

◊ History: 
Ilatri was born from a quick-heated relationship between her mother, a Morgen from Gula, and her father, a travelling merchant from Ira. The love between the two demons faded quickly but was replaced with a strong friendship. Ilatri’s father, though often not around, still grew close to his daughter, spoiling her with different jewelries and clothes which always were appreciated. 
Most of the time in the jungle Ilatri and her mother lived a calm life, travelling between different tribes, learning everything they could about herbs and the art of tattooing. 
At the age of 180 Ilatri went out on a trip by herself to a neighboring tribe where she met a lovely demon. She quickly fell in love and decided to bond with him but when she found out he was cheating on her she left him, claiming all his jewelries and giving him a legendary scolding. Devastated she went back to her mother and cried her heart out. The feelings for the cheating demon faded with time and a few year later on she and her mother took a trip to Ira, visiting her father at his trading palace in Ira. She stayed there for a while, studying the several scrolls and books her father had. Eventually the feeling her mother had for her father grew strong again and they married resulting in Ilatri’s mother moving to Ira. Ilatri herself rejoiced about the marriage even though it meant her being alone in Gula. She decided soon after to return to Gula to get to know more demons and to practice her art in both medicine and tattooing. She also hopes she’ll find love, but one step at a time.

:new:◊ RP History: Ilatri has been out on a journey throughout Gula to learn more about healing and herbs. She’s looking for work and someone who can teach her more about herbs as she wants to learn more.

◊ Likes: 
+ Romance.
+ Jewelry and fashion, she loves to collect jewelry and clothes.
+ Food, oh, a good salad gets her going and she constantly wants more! And Tea! If you want her to calm down just give her a salad and a cup of tea.
+ Kids, she would love to have her own one day.
+ Hot water, she loves to be in it and near it and the hot humid climate in Gula is just what she loves.
+ A good story.
◊ Dislikes: 
- She hates the cold! She freeze easily and during nights in Gula she requires a fire next to her.
- She dislikes those who steals her food and her jewelry. 
- Ilatri hates being looked down upon and rudeness.
- Those who threatens her family and friends.
- A bad story.

:new: ◊ Additional Information: 
- She is part Siren.
- She is 2/3 clouded leopard and can because of these genes see in the dark. She is also extremely flexible just like a cat. 
- She is part Gula and part Ira.
- Her diet is mostly made up of vegetables, roots, nuts and fruits but occasionally she eats meat.
- She purrs and growls like feline animals. 
- She has a great sense of smell and hearing.
- Her tattoos glow in the dark.
- Morgen is a type of Siren…

Total Experience: 2,520 
Ila by GreenyOnly
May or may not be the complete change on my OC in the rp-group Goetia. 

Got inspired by :iconsilvestervitale:'s drawing and wanted my own aztec/inca-wall. 
I'm actually really pleased with this picture though there are many things that could be improved, but practice makes better right? :) 
Anyways, it was really fun to draw this. Tried a lot of new ways to draw and a lot of new techiques.

Ila (c) me
My style? by GreenyOnly
My style?
Playing around with my style. Acctually kinda like this one, sketch of Ila. c:

tot. 1,470exp

Ila (c) Me


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:iconac-doctrina: :iconthe-goetia: :iconac-falleneagle: :iconfort-collins:

As the title says, lately I've been having a hard time with literally everything. 
Recently I found out that my beloved cousin whom I'm very close with have been raped. Our dog of 10 years was as near death as you can be and my lust and will to draw just hit rock bottom. I didn't even want to socialize with anyone, not a single person. 
But, now I'm back and to all my friends here on dA, I am so very sorry for neglecting you, for ignoring you for the past month and a half. I did not mean to. You are very dear to me and I hope that we can overcome this. 

My cousin has pressed charges and things are moving along. Our dog survived and is better than ever and my will to draw and socialize have come back. 

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